Furniture Movers Service


We may need to move furniture from one place to another for any of a number of reasons: we could be relocating a house or office, or perhaps are involved in the purchase or sale of furniture. Whatever the case is, moving furniture is no small task; furniture can be of any size, from small office chairs to large three-seat sofas, and of varying materials. The complexity is only compounded when multiple pieces of furniture are to be moved. However, there is no reason to shoulder this burden yourself; you should be leaving all of this to the furniture movers, and that’s exactly where Wahyd comes in.

With the revolutionary, hi-tech solution that is Wahyd Logistics, we aim to take all of this burden off your mind completely and keep you focused on the purpose behind the move.

What Do We Offer?
  • Online order creation: Creating an order is as easy as filling out details regarding your furniture, when and where you want them picked and dropped, and how much fare you are willing to pay. The entire system is online, so there is no need to make a visit to any office. No more hunting for the right furniture movers; leave that to Wahyd Logistics.
  • Cost-Effective: While creating an order, it’s you who sets a baseline fare; the transporters who are interested in your order will then bid around that amount, giving you unprecedented control over the cost of the whole affair.
  • Tracking: With many furniture movers, you load their truck, and then wait anxiously for them to arrive at their destination. Wahyd Logistics removes this source of concern by providing real-time status updates and GPS tracking of the driver.
  • Trustworthy transporters: You can rest assured that every one of Wahyd Logistics’ transporters are individually verified to be trustworthy and reliable. With our network of furniture movers being as strong as it is, there will always be a transporter available to take your order, no matter when you need it to be fulfilled.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Wahyd aims for maximum convenience, and that means making sure you are the one dictating the order. With multiple payment options, online and offline as you require, we give you the flexibility you need to focus on the order itself.

With Wahyd Logistics, ‘how?’ becomes only ‘when?’, as we carry the entire burden of the shifting process. Download now and see how others are taking advantage of the digital future of furniture movers, or contact us for more details about our services.