Wahyd Logistics App For Transporters And Drivers

Trusted Platform To Boost Up Your Career One Step Higher

Get immediate access to customers who want to ship goods. You are just one click away from a prospective customer. You can easily communicate, negotiate the cost of, accept, and assign your trusted driver to an order through Wahyd Logistics app. Instead of investing in a physical space for customers to interact with, all you have to do is download our app and get yourself registered; after that, going through customer requests and respond to the one that suits you the best can be done online. Your drivers will also have an app of their own to allow them update you and your customers with their location and status as they carry their orders out. Convenience, visibility, ease of use, flexibility; Wahyd Logistics has everything you need.

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A complete solution for transporters.

Multiple payment receiving options to avoid cash transactions.

No paper work required

Choose when to sign-up for work