Ground Support Equipment Services


"Ground Support Equipment (GSE)" extends to the airport’s various support equipments which may be required to assist aircraft, passengers, freight, and personnel needs. The duties the equipments perform that are generally concerned with ground power operations, aircraft maintenance and servicing, aircraft mobility and loading.

Wahyd Logistics' Ground Support Equipment (GSE) transport service is extremely handy and our method gives you access to a powerful solution utilizing technology to the fullest. All of this power is at your fingertips; from the comfort of your own office or even at home, and without requiring anything more than a smartphone, you can manage any number of orders.

What Do We Offer?

Whether you're on your computer or smartphone, placing an order to move GSE anywhere in South Asia is only a few clicks and taps away. The process is convenient, reliable and instant. Our Transportation experts treat every job with personal and specialized solutions to match the project requirements.

We provide GSEs insurance in South Asia on the basis of 'Maximum Damage Assessment' (MDA), analysed by our technical experts who have vast experience in GSE repair and maintenance. In this way you can save a lot of money in terms of minimum premium deposit.

You can track movement of your shipment from origin to destination and receive regular updates via Smart App.

We have a wide range of moving "Short to Long" and "Low to High Bed" vehicles with extra safety features against Ground Support Equipment. This makes us confident that we provide transport services that are appropriate for you GSE need.

We provide round the clock GSE logistics service in South Asia to fulfil all of your demands. Our ground-to-ground digital transportation solution is ideal for your needs since it provides maximum ease of use, safety, and insurance.