Inbound Logistics Service


When one thinks of logistics, it’s easy to think almost exclusively of businesses shipping their goods out to retailers and customers for the final sale. However, making sure you’re getting the supplies you need to create those valuable goods is just as critical to your operation. With Wahyd Logistics’ inbound logistics service, you are guaranteed to make huge savings and propel your business to new heights!

What Wahyd Offers You?

Ensure you get goods only when you need them so you can meet demand effectively by placing orders for them as you need them. You won’t have vehicles on standby as they wait, nor will you be unable to handle a sudden spike in demand.

As you outsource your inbound logistics to Wahyd Logistics’ inbound logistics service, you save on the otherwise huge investment on vehicles and labor, as well as their management and maintenance.

As Wahyd Logistics promises to handle all of your inbound logistics, your goods are as safe as they can possibly be during transit.

Why Wahyd is the Best Choice?
  • A Robust transporter network, where every member is individually verified for quality and reliability, ensures that there is always a top-class transporter ready to take your order.
  • Real-time GPS-enabled tracking, online record keeping and maintenance, and live status updates mean that you’re never in the dark with regards to your order; all that without ever needing to make a single office visit or phone call!
  • An easy and flexible order creation process, with an online form, preferred rate defined by you, and automatic connection to the right transporter for you is our way of putting the order in your hands. That’s on top of the convenience of being accessible with just a smartphone.