Outbound Logistics Service


A business is no business at all if it is unable to sell anything. In the case of goods, businesses need to make sure that they are always prepared to meet customer demand. They always need to be able to make sure that they are not storing excess goods that no one wants. Among these many concerns, businesses need to make sure that the goods they are sending out arrive at their destinations safe and sound; this, along with managing outgoing vehicles, their drivers, and their schedules, can be a huge overhead, not to mention all the room for error so many variables can introduce. Seeing all of this, Wahyd introduces its advanced Wahyd Logistics outbound logistics service. We offer to take the goods off your hands, and their worries off your mind with our state-of-the-art solution.

What Wahyd Offers You?

Wahyd Logistics makes sure your goods reach their destination within the best timeframe in the market, making sure that you can react appropriately to markets with tight schedules and fluctuating demand, and making on-the-spot decision easier to make and implement.

As you outsource your goods transportation to Wahyd Logistics’ outbound logistics service, you save on the otherwise huge investment on vehicles and labor, as well as their management and maintenance.

Wahyd Logistics promises to deliver your goods just as you would; with care and responsibility.

Why Wahyd is the Best Choice?
  • A robust transporter network, where every member is individually verified for quality and reliability, ensures that there is always a top-class transporter ready to take your order. These transporters will handle your outbound logistics needs with safety and security that is unmatched in the market.
  • Our transporter network gives Wahyd Logistics’ outbound logistics service a wide range of coverage, meaning that wherever you need your goods delivered, we’ll take them there.
  • Wahyd Logistics also offers unprecedented tracking, with real-time GPS-enabled tracking and live status updates. Your order is never in an unknown state, as you can look it up yourself as well at any time from within the smartphone app.
  • Flexibility and convenience are our top concerns, and Wahyd Logistics covers them completely. Order creation is as easy as opening the app and filling out a form. From within the app, you’re able to define a rate that suits you, around which transporters bid after you’re done creating the order. You can choose whichever bid suits you best, as any transporter you pick is guaranteed to provide top-quality service.
  • A fully paperless, digital system means that accessibility and ease-of-use is at its peak with Wahyd Logistics. Record keeping, order creation and updates, transporter connection, it’s all done completely online, and accessible with nothing more than a simple smartphone. Even driver signatures, for verification at pickup and drop-off, are taken and viewable online.
  • With Wahyd Logistics’ outbound logistics service, there’s no excuse to fall behind your competitors. Download Wahyd Logistics now and take advantage of the most powerful outbound logistics service on the market!