Full Truckload Service


Full Truckload, or FTL, is a service wherein a single delivery is allotted the full allowed room of a truck. As opposed to a single truck being devoted to multiple goods belonging to multiple customers, this service is perfect for businesses looking to move large quantities of high value or heavy items. Wahyd Logistics is offering this service with the usual standards of quality expected from it.

How Can FTL Benefit You?

Wahyd’s FTL service allows you to expect and rely upon an exclusive space for your business’ large shipments.

A Full Truckload service is naturally lower risk due to the special and focused attention of the team doing the shipping. FTL also demands special machinery and equipment for movement and loading.

There is only one pickup point and one drop-off point. An FTL shipment goes directly from pickup to dropoff; only those points that you’ve defined.

Why Wahyd’s FTL Service?
  • Creating an order is as easy as downloading the app and filling out a form. This form also includes the amount you are willing to pay; our network of transporters then bid based on this amount, putting the power in your hands. Wahyd’s Full Truckload service offers the flexibility and convenience you have come to expect in the digital age, and then some.
  • Wahyd boasts a robust transporter network, where every member is individually verified for quality and reliability. Our powerful network means that there is always someone available to take your order.
  • Wahyd’s Full Truckload service offers unprecedented visibility to you at all times. With GPS-enabled tracking and live status updates (pushed to you and can be pulled at any time), you’re never left wondering how far along your order has come. And all of this from within your smartphone! You’ll never have to make a single phone call.
  • Wahyd Logistics is a fully digital, online system. This means that processes and record keeping are entirely paperless. Your order history, updates, even driver signatures taken during an order for pickup and dropoff verification, are all stored and viewable from your smartphone at any time online.