Goods Transport Company in Lahore


Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan, and the capital of Punjab. Lahore has always been a central city for Punjab; so much so that any logistics operation within Punjab must first prove itself worthy of operating as a goods transport company in Lahore.

While Lahore is making a shift towards the service industry, there is still, and will continue to be, a strong industrial presence. The city is Pakistan's largest software & hardware producing centre, hosts a growing computer-assembly industry, and is where 80% of Pakistan’s books are published. Where goods and services are produced and provided, transportation is a given necessity; and transportation is where Wahyd Logistics aims to deliver.

What We Offer As a Digital Goods Transport Company in Lahore

With Wahyd Logistics, everything is on your terms. You can book an order from your computer or smartphone at any time in a matter of minutes, and it is immediately forwarded to our transporters. The final choice of which goods transport company in Lahore, based on fare or whatever other criteria you may have, is in your hands.

It’s difficult to not worry about something you hand over to someone else, not to mention loads critical for business. Wahyd Logistics mitigates risk by minimizing the number of hands your shipment passes through; the app itself serves as a single point of contact between you and your transporter, and it will only be that one transporter who is responsible for your order.

Any system reliant on physical records will quickly find that it becomes a massive bottleneck and source of error. A lot of the time we’re made to wait around as information is being retrieved is because it is buried somewhere. With Wahyd Logistics, however, everything is stored digitally. This means instant access to any data from anywhere, and that data is guaranteed to be secure and accurate.

Wahyd Logistics provides unparalleled visibility for every order. You can track your order in real time via GPS at any time. Wahyd Logistics will also continuously provide status updates for your order; you are kept on top of things at all times without having to make a single request to anyone.

Our promise is not limited to a safe and secure order. Wahyd Logistics and its fleet of transporters are fully focused and committed to making sure that your goods arrive where they are meant to, and when they are meant to. You can assume, with our guarantee, that your order will be delivered exactly when you need it, and are free to focus on the actual business side of your operations.

Wahyd and its group of transporters prides itself on treating your order as (if notmore!) seriously as you do. With our solution being as digital as it is, you can rest assured with the guarantee that our full focus will be on planning and delivering your order, and doing so without any delays.

For a city as steeped in culture as Lahore, it is only fitting that the logistics industry be one that is ever evolving. Wahyd is the goods transport company in Lahore that promises to provide the best possible logistics solution. To try it out for yourself, all you have to do is download the app, contact 03447778111 for a free estimate, or use our simple Online Form to submit your order details.