Goods Transport Company in Islamabad


Islamabad is a planned city built in the 1960s to replace Karachi as the capital of Pakistan. This is not the only fact of relevance for a goods transport company in Islamabad, however; the Islamabad- Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the country's third-largest with a population of about 4.1 million people.

Islamabad may not be an industrial hub like other cities, but it has plenty to attract attention to itself with. According to the World Bank's Doing Business Report of 2010, Islamabad was ranked as the best place to start a business in Pakistan. With centers like Awami Markaz IT Park and Evacuee Trust, Islamabad has seen an expansion in information and communications technology. Combining this with the fact that Islamabad’s population is comprised mostly of the middle and upper class, it is easy to see why the city would actually have very demanding logistical needs. These are the needs Wahyd Logistics aims to meet.

What We Offer As a Digital Goods Transport Company in Islamabad

Wahyd Logistics is a deceptively simple system that offers unrivalled flexibility. Booking an order can be done via computer or smartphone at any time. After a few simple steps, the order is forwarded to our network of transporters. Once they bid, it is again up to you to select the one you feel most suitable for you.

Using Wahyd Logistics is a far better and more secure option for you and your business compared to searching for and contracting a random goods transport company in Islamabad. Wahyd’s network of transporters and fleet of vehicles are individually verified for reliability and quality. Various checks and balances ensure that your order is treated with the care it deserves.

The digital system used by Wahyd Logistics has many upsides, and one of the greatest one is freedom from physical media and records. Detailed data and records can be accessed at any time from anywhere, as everything is stored on our powerful and secure database servers. Whether your order is ongoing or completed, you won’t even have to make a phone call to verify any details.

Online systems distinguish themselves from their traditional counterparts with much higher levels of communication and visibility, and this is no less true for Wahyd Logistics. Orders can be tracked in real-time via GPS from your computer or smartphone, and you will receive updates and notifications as your order progresses.

Wahyd Logistics is committed not only to providing quality and fair pricing, but also ensuring your deliveries reach their destinations when they are needed. Wahyd and its partners have years of experience in transporting orders all over Pakistan, and we know how important timely logistics is, and exactly what it takes to achieve it.

Being a goods transport company in Islamabad requires knowledge of the market and what it needs, and that is something Wahyd has gained with extensive experience. To reap the benefits of this experience, simply download the app, contact 03447778111 for a free estimate, or use our simple Online Form to submit your order details.