Disruptive innovation has reached a wide variety of industries with the majority adapting fast to a changing environment. And, the logistics, and transportation industry is no exception.

The year 2020, at a glance, was dominated by the COVID-19. The pandemic had a crippling effect on global economies, impacting nearly every industry.

However, one hero also emerged during this pandemic, which is technology and connectivity. For example, technology was used for business continuity, education, health, and a lot of other stakeholders.

Most importantly, the pandemic has shifted the technology innovation and investment strategies of nearly every company in the world. And it will certainly continue to transform how we live our lives going into the next decade.

Logistics Landscape of Pakistan

With a population exceeding 210 million, Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation and the world.

The transport and logistics sector has a profound and enduring effect on the economic growth of Pakistan. For example, the transport sector contributing 22.3% of the services sector GDP. Additionally, the sector also accounted for approximately 6% of the country’s total employment in 2019.

Over the last decade, Pakistan has witnessed digital adoption across all walks of life. Similarly, the transportation sector has made major strides in innovation, over the last 5 years. For example, we have seen platforms such as Uber and Careem entering Pakistan and disrupting the industry.

On the other hand, corporate logistics functions have struggled in Pakistan. Some of the factors that contribute to the lack of adaptation of disruptive tech are:

  • Transparency Issues
  • High Cost
  • Manual Effort
  • Lack of Trust
  • Real-time Visibility Challenges

Wahyd Logistics App – Disrupting the Logistics Industry of Pakistan

Wahyd Logistics, part of Wahyd Group, entered Pakistan to cater to the challenges being faced by the end-users, including the corporate and SME segment.

Some of the ways, Wahyd Logistics is disrupting the logistics industry of Pakistan include:

  • Convenience: Wahyd Logistics offers a mobile app for both the customer and the driver. It provides a one-window solution with the touch of a button. You can read more about the app features here.
  • Visibility: View the driver’s location in real-time whenever you want. In addition, manage your time more efficiently by estimating the time of arrival.
  • Transparent Pricing: Customers can connect to a wide network of truckers and pay the quoted price. Above all, there are no hidden costs, with the Wahyd Logistics app.
  • Security: Wahyd offers a secure movement of freight and goods by providing a timeline of updates, You can additionally view the verification images sent by the driver.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The Wahyd Logistics App provides offers multiple payment methods. These include credit card, online transfer, and mobile wallet (Easypaisa/JazzCash).
  • Large Fleet: Wahyd offers a large variety of fleet to meet the needs of customers, including 6-wheelers, 10-wheelers, Flatbed, Mazda, Box truck, Tautliner, and more.
This image shows the UI of the Wahyd Logistics App

Who is Wahyd?

Wahyd Group Inc. a global powerhouse of innovation, has its own expert team of developers that introduces smarter, revolutionary ways for users to engage with technology creating exceptional user experiences.

Wahyd has positioned itself to be the driver of a digital revolution and with Wahyd Logistics, aspires to launch an online trucking marketplace to help pave the way for digital disruption in the logistics industry of Pakistan.