Every wholesale distribution business is different. What makes a successful one, no matter the product or industry, is focusing on maintaining optimal cash flow. From sales to inventory management and planning – every goal in your wholesale distribution business should be geared toward this objective.

Here are 5 tips for running a successful wholesale distribution business

1- Manage Your Cashflow

Basic accounting principles are crucial for the wholesale distribution business. Money in versus money out can be difficult to manage when the cash is tied up in inventory and doesn’t move quickly enough. Inventory management gets hard because it is challenging to forecast what will be sold. You buy materials and you need to make sure that there are enough.

Here are a few tips for managing cash flow:

Tip 1: Follow up on outstanding payments, follow up on timeline and procedure with pre-drafted follow-ups emails and calls.

Tip 2: Be diligent about collecting payments. Make sure that all payments are reported.

Tip 3: Keep track of your financial position daily. Know what needs to be paid when what cash is coming in when and what is allocated for the replacement of stock and when to order.

2- Know your Customer

One of the most critical things a wholesale business in Pakistan can do is take advantage of customer data. It pays to know who you’re dealing with, what they want, and how to give it to them. Work closely with your customer service team so they have all the relevant information about each client on hand.

3- Keep inventory organized

In business, inventory is everything. You cannot run a profitable wholesale distribution business if you don’t have a good handle on inventory. This will help ensure you always have exactly what is needed when it’s needed. It may seem like hard work, but this business strategy can actually save you time in the long run by cutting down on storage and transportation costs.

4- Focus on order fulfillment

Customers expect everything to be done quickly in business, so make sure your products are delivered on time. If your orders process is taking too long it’s failing your business in a big way.

When business is booming, it can be easy to get behind on orders and lose business. If you haven’t got the available storage space to keep products in stock, that could also slow down your business. This could lead to late deliveries or even losing business from your customers if they go elsewhere because of poor service

5- Find a logistics partner to work with

The movement of goods is a business process that has to be managed so that it runs efficiently. Wholesale businesses which fail to properly manage their logistics operation are generally less profitable because they lose business due to late deliveries. So, work with a reliable logistics partner to help you manage your business.

If you’re worried about delays, this is where Wahyd Logistics could definitely pay off. We have in-house supply chain expertise and your appointed sales rep can support you in getting this sorted. Make sure you keep business moving and get the right logistics partner in place to help manage business

6- Bonus Tip: Never Give Up!

Your business will not achieve its true potential if it is just confined to one city, especially if your business model allows you to be a product-based business. You need to think outside of the box and expand into other cities