Logistics Service

Logistics Service in the Textile Industry Pakistan

The textile industry in Pakistan is its largest manufacturing industry, the second-largest employment sector, and contributes 8.5% to its GDP. The textile industry inherently involves a lot of movement of […]

Truck Booking

Wahyd Logistics – The Online Truck Booking Solution You Need

Use Wahyd logistics service app to book a truck and ship your goods anywhere in Pakistan with peace of mind.


Benefits of Using Wahyd Logistics App in Goods Transportation

Wahyd Logistics understands how critical goods transportation is, and has put that much effort into its logistics service app in order for it to be the ultimate customer-friendly solution


Wahyd Ensures To Provide The Best Logistics Service In Pakistan During COVID-19

In today’s environment, dominated by concern and uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus COVID-19, we see that while everyone understands the need for quarantines and isolations, there is still the […]