Logistics Marketplace

How Online Logistics Marketplaces Will Help The Industry

Transporters and Shippers have long been searching for each other. The rise of the internet has made this easier, but making a connection is still fraught with challenges. A digital […]


Importance of Logistics Marketplace for Pakistan: Meeting Supply Chain Challenges in a Developing Economies

Logistics is the backbone of a company’s supply chain. Without it, there would be no way to move goods from one place to another in an efficient and timely manner; […]


How to run a successful wholesale distribution business

Every wholesale distribution business is different. What makes a successful one, no matter the product or industry, is focusing on maintaining optimal cash flow. From sales to inventory management and […]

Logistics Service

Disrupting the Logistics Landscape of Pakistan

Disruptive innovation has reached a wide variety of industries with the majority adapting fast to a changing environment. And, the logistics, and transportation industry is no exception. The year 2020, […]

Logistics Service

Benefits Of Using Wireless Technology In Logistics

The economy today is completely different even compared to a few decades ago. Wireless technology has connected our society on a scale never before seen, and this is only increasing. […]


Home Shifting Service In Islamabad By Wahyd Logistics

Wahyd Logistics is a comprehensive solution for the moving of goods – that means that it isn’t limited to suppliers, manufacturers, and other large businesses. Homeowners who need to relocate […]

Freight Forwarder Service

How Wahyd Is Changing the Freight Forwarding Service in Lahore

Wahyd is a company whose vision is to improve the standard and quality of life of society through the use of technology. Wahyd Logistics is but the latest of its […]


Looking For A Truck Booking APP? Use Wahyd

Wahyd Logistics, A Premier Truck Booking App In Pakistan! Wahyd Logistics brings the digital future to logistics. Featuring online order creation and streamlined customer-transporter connection, real-time GPS tracking, and order […]


Making the Best of your Online Store during COVID-19

COVID-19 has ushered in a time of uncertainty. No one can really say what the future holds; a lot of social behaviors and norms have been temporarily changed, and who’s […]


Features of Wahyd Logistics Service App

Wahyd Logistics is the latest solution developed by Wahyd Group Inc. in order to alleviate the troubles and lighten the burdens of society – bringing to the market a comprehensive […]