Selecting a logistics partner is one of the most important business decisions you may ever have to make. Safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation can be the difference between a thriving market presence and bankruptcy. It doesn’t have to be a gamble, however: there are several things to look for choosing a Full Truckload, or FTL, partner.

Service Coverage and Capability

When considering a transportation company, you’ll obviously want to know if it can actually fulfill your needs. What may not be obvious at the time, however, is that you must make sure your partner will be able to handle your needs in the future as well. A solution that scales with your business is critical; it would be terrible to invest time and money into working with a company that is unable to assist you when you expand your business or upgrade technology.

Freight Capacity

Another thing that’s easy to overlook whether the carrier can handle your shipment volume and frequency. You need to consider standard and peak times, and ensure that the transporter will always have vehicles on-hand for unexpected orders and requirements. The logistics companies that have access to multiple sources of vehicles provide the most reliability when it comes to availability.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

It goes without saying that a FTL provider should know all about their trade – but how much do they know about yours? Knowledge about your goods will allow a prospective transporter to ship them more effectively. Whether it’s temperature, speed, or packing and packaging, an intimate understanding of your goods’ nature and requirements will allow for the most efficient and most secure shipping possible.

Customer Experience

Something that may not directly affect the shipping process, but is still vital to a healthy long-term partnership, is a focus on customer experience. Try to look for performance evaluation processes, the ability to specify operating procedures for certain needs, and how feedback is collected and used. A company’s level of service can be gauged from how serious its focus on customer experience is.

Supporting Technology

Advancements in technology have reached a level where we can comfortably say that not being high-tech is a severe disadvantage. You’ll want to make sure your logistics partner is up to speed with industry advancements. Their systems should allow for seamless integration.

You really can’t underestimate the importance of technology, and that’s highlighted by a system like Wahyd’s digital logistics marketplace. It’s a solution where everything, from order creation to the bidding process to process tracking to record keeping, is done in the digital space. This allows for instant and easy access; any device capable of using the internet, such as a smartphone, is capable of using the system.

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