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How the Wahyd Logistics App Enables Transporter Growth

One of the most important priorities of any trucking business is to continuously grow. Larger scale operations allow for handling more customers, or positioning themselves for surges in demand. A lot of the barriers of growth are tough to see, and therefore anticipate, during the early stages of business. Adapting to technology can enable your business to overcome these hurdles. Let’s look a bit further into how, exactly, the Wahyd Logistics transporter App can assist with a transporter growth.

Task Management

Wahyd Logistics makes task management for transporters a lot easier in several ways.

Foremost is by doing away with paperwork. Efficiency and red tape are essentially opposites; digital file management is absolutely critical, especially as a business scales up its operations. Doing so manually will eventually become to big a burden.

Wahyd Logistics allows for the storage and access of data from anywhere at any time, whether it’s order details and history, verification documents, or customer data. Statistics can be used to make informed decisions. Wahyd Logistics transporter app takes all of the time out of data storage and retrieval, and instead allows its users to focus on gleaming trends and vital information and data and act on them.

Wahyd Logistics doesn’t just track matters past, however. Business owners no longer have to endure long-winded manual tracking procedures, which may involve multiple attempts at communication. At a quick glance, it is possible to see every order that is currently being undertake, who is involved in carrying it out, and its current status (even its exact current location, thanks to GPS-based location tracking).

Tracking Metrics

There are many metrics a trucking operation can track in order to discover and address exactly what is needed at any point in time. Software makes it incredibly easy to track and view these metrics; this is very important as your business grows to avoid having to stunt growth to address a problem or need identified too late.

Only some of the metrics a growing transportation business can track are:

  • Expenses per mile
  • Revenue per mile
  • Revenue per load
  • Cost per mile
  • Driver pay per load
  • Expenses per load

When your metrics are viewable in the same place as the management related to those metrics, it makes things a lot easier to understand and manage.

Driver Management

So far, we’ve seen how important Wahyd Logistics can be to your strategic goals. However, that isn’t all it has to offer. Technological advancement can’t really be called that until it simplifies and assists with day-to-day management, and the Wahyd Logistics transporter app covers that aspect handily.

As mentioned earlier, order status and details are already stored in the system. In addition to this, the system allows you to enter all of your drivers and vehicles into its database. The app thus makes assigning drivers and vehicles to orders a cinch. You don’t ever need to double check whether a driver or vehicle is already in use, or will be in use, during a certain time frame; the app checks and calculates this automatically and only provides you the option to assign drivers that can actually take up and carry out the order.

The app also provides visibility on the current status of all drivers and vehicles, giving managers a bird’s eye view of operations whenever it is needed. Even expenses are tracked within the app, removing the need to tally up and then file away mountains of expense receipts, to be found again if ever needed only after great effort.

As you can probably imagine, once you have invested into trucking software, it’s very hard to go back to daily operations the way they used to be before. Wahyd Logistics is a shining example of tech driven logistics in Pakistan that enables growth, rather than act as an extra consideration or a stumbling block. You can’t go wrong with a digital system that greatly streamlines your day-to-day operations and scales along with your organization.

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