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Wahyd Ensures To Provide The Best Logistics Service In Pakistan During COVID-19

In today’s environment, dominated by concern and uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus COVID-19, we see that while everyone understands the need for quarantines and isolations, there is still the expectation that ‘essential’ services will continue running. Of course, everyone has a different definition of essential; however, most can agree that the transportation of goods is something that someone has got to do; and that is typically a logistics company.

Even if retail stores stay shuttered, there are still e-commerce stores that are up and running that require movement of orders either from suppliers or to customers. Pharmaceuticals, grocers, utility stores, and so on will continue to require restocking of their inventories; and this is where the logistics industry needs to ensure that they are providing the best service they can. The responsibility upon the shoulders of a logistics company can easily turn into an opportunity; once demand normalizes, the logistics companies will be in a much better position to offer its services to the re-growing market.

So, what Wahyd Logistics is doing? In these trying times, building consumer confidence and strengthening industry presence should be at the forefront of any strategy.

Being a reliable and responsible logistics company in Pakistan, we are building and strengthening our relationship with transporters; those who manage fleets of vehicles for the purpose of moving goods. This link is critical in ensuring that our logistics company will always have drivers available to process orders at any time and in any circumstance.

Of course, that isn’t to say that Wahyd logistics is going on a blind recruitment campaign; we ensure that the transporter we are working with is a verified and reputable organization with high standards in driver recruitment and well-maintained vehicles. These details are very important, as, in the end, it’s the reputation of Wahyd logistics service that’s on the line, and is made or broken by the professionalism by which an order is handled and completed. Every logistics company in Pakistan and anywhere in the world needs partners that will be of benefit through thick and thin, and the current environment is a good litmus test of how a transporter operates under abnormal circumstances.

The transporter-logistics company relationship is a two-way street, of course; while the transporter guarantees that its drivers and vehicles are up to the task, Wahyd logistics service, in turn, ensures that the transporter is connected to customers with genuine orders and feasible rates. In addition, Wahyd logistics will be facilitating the transporter with as much power and flexibility as it can; the transporter is most likely to stick with a solution that gives it the tools it needs to fulfill all of its requirements, and the pliancy to choose the orders that suit it best at any moment in time.

Wahyd logistics is backing of a reliable fleet of vehicles (and, of course, their drivers!) that we are able to take on orders at times when others may not be able, or willing, too. The extra efforts made in these times will pay off dividends when industries and clients that are currently dysfunctional come back online and return to the logistics market.

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