Product launch is an exciting time; whether you’re venturing into new terrain, or adding to an existing brand line, or even reimagining a product, expectations can be high for the future your new product can bring. However, all your production and R&D costs can be rendered moot by overlooking logistics operations.

Choosing the correct logistics partner will ensure the global reach and equipment capacity you need for your product, backed by knowledgeable experts and the use of technology. A partner that can guarantee safe and secure movement is the key to success; the likely of which is increased significantly if the transporter is also digitally-enabled. Let’s see just how these transporters can enable a smooth, seamless rollout for your product.


Using a well-established logistics partner gives you access to a large pool of available vehicles. What this really means is that there should always be transportation available for exactly when you need it. A digital system makes this even easier, as rather than having to phone in your requirements, you can simply use an online interface to place a request. This would also make it easy to manage and track multiple shipments.

Safety and Security

Using a digital logistics solution can put your mind at rest with respect to the safety of the goods. You wouldn’t want to spend all that time and money designing the perfect product, only to skimp on logistics in the end and face goods damaged during shipment! Any good transporter will take extra care with goods labelled ‘fragile’ or are otherwise prone to damage.

Increased Control

Using a tech-enabled logistics partner greatly increases the flexibility you have when it comes to your shipment needs. If you need to change something on the fly, it can be easily done on an online interface. The management is done on the logistics partner’s end, so you don’t need to worry about having to fix schedules; all you need to do is select a date, and your shipment should now be as you need it.

Visibility and Transparency

This is a point that is more relevant for transport organizations that have digitally implemented solutions. A logistics company knows exactly what and when needs to be reported. It understands the importance of being able to track an order and how it should be done. A digital logistics solution includes real-time tracking and driver-pushed updates, so you know exactly how the order you placed is progressing. If the unthinkable happens and there is an unforeseen delay, you can see it happening beforehand and plan accordingly.

How Wahyd Logistics Can Help?

These are just some of the ways good logistics can positively influence a product launch. The advantages are significantly multiplied when considering a digital logistics solution. Wahyd Logistics leverages its knowledge, experience, and industry position to deliver the best possible tech driven logistics in Pakistan. Visit our Get a quote page, or contact our team at 03447778111 today to get rate estimate for free, and take the first step towards a much smoother operation.