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Logistics Service in the Textile Industry Pakistan

The textile industry in Pakistan is its largest manufacturing industry, the second-largest employment sector, and contributes 8.5% to its GDP. The textile industry inherently involves a lot of movement of goods; with various raw materials, different processing stages, and finally the movement of finished goods, it’s no understatement to say that a robust logistics service in Pakistan is absolutely vital to this industry. With the sector being as big as it is, that just means that its logistical needs are that much more pronounced.

What the sector needs from a logistics service in Pakistan is reliability, cost-effectiveness, scalability, efficiency, and visibility. How can such a booming business require any less? Typically, when choosing a logistics service in Pakistan, one would have to choose between different sets of benefits. Cheap services run the risk of poor performance, scalable solutions run the risk of being inefficient or lacking visibility, and so on. Wahyd Logistics, however, is a comprehensive, online solution that aims to provide all of the above without making any sacrifices.

Wahyd has built a strong network of transporters, each one individually verified and found to be trustworthy. Not only does this mean that no matter what transporter chooses to accept an order, the customer is guaranteed reliability, but this also means that there is always a transporter available for any order. A customer can quickly and easily create and execute multiple orders, a very important facility no matter how large the textile company is, but more-so for larger players. It goes without saying that part of the verification process is ensuring that a transporter’s vehicles and drivers are up to the mark; after all, what’s a logistics service in Pakistan without a fleet of hardworking drivers and the well-maintained vehicles they drive? Wahyd gives each order the care it deserves, no matter the goods type or the schedule that needs adhering to.

Wahyd Logistics also offers unprecedented transparency and visibility through its use of technology. Everything is performed digitally; order creation, bidding by transporters, driver assignment, order status updates, and even signatures are all performed online, and the customer can view each and every one of these things from their mobile through Wahyd logistics service app. They are never left wondering as to the exact status of their order.

Surely, this efficiency, performance, and capacity all rolled into a single logistics service in Pakistan must come at a premium cost? That is not the case with Wahyd’s innovative solution. When creating an order, the customer may set an ‘offer fare’; a base fare amount around which transporters are expected to bid. As long as the customer offers a feasible fare, they can rest easy knowing that they will be able to complete their order at a price that suits them without having to go door-to-door and haggle with various transporters.

Wahyd is looking to reshape the face of transportation through technology and its unyielding vision of a better society. The textile industry, with its massive logistical needs, stands to benefit greatly from the use of a technologically enhanced logistics service in Pakistan, and there is no better choice than Wahyd Logistics.

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