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How Wahyd Is Changing the Freight Forwarding Service in Lahore

Wahyd is a company whose vision is to improve the standard and quality of life of society through the use of technology. Wahyd Logistics is but the latest of its innovations, paving the way for it to place itself as the provider of the top freight forwarder in Lahore. But what does Wahyd offer to the market? First, let’s take a quick look at how it works.

The Process with Wahyd Freight Forwarding Service in Lahore

As an experienced provider of a freight forwarding service in Lahore, Wahyd Logistics understands exactly how and where existing processes need to be streamlined and makes sure the technology is in place to do so.

In order to create an order, the customer simply downloads the app and fills in some details about their order. They are also required to include how much they are expecting or willing to pay. Once that is done, the order is visible to a robust network of transporters, who will then bid around the amount specified (if any). The customer then accepts any one of the bids and the order is handed over to the transporter for them to carry out.

The customer is updated at all times regarding the order, including when the transporter assigns a driver and vehicle. It’s worth noting here that the transporter is assisted in an assignment by the system, which is able to determine which drivers and vehicles will be able to carry out the order according to schedule. As the order progresses, the driver updates the order’s status on each milestone through their own app, providing a timeline of the order visible to both customer and transporter at any time. The driver’s location is also tracked in real-time via GPS and is also visible to all parties.

That’s all there is to the process. While it’s already starting to be evident why Wahyd Logistics is providing the most advanced freight forwarding service in Lahore, let’s take a closer look at what exactly the customer and transporter stand to gain from being a part of and using Wahyd’s solution.

Online Order Creation

The customer-transporter connection is actually a very difficult step in reality; looking for a transporter and ensuring their reliability and quality of service is no mean feat. On the flip side, procuring orders from serious customers can also be difficult. This hassle is removed entirely by Wahyd’s freight forwarding service in Lahore. A customer’s order is exposed to transporters automatically, and the transporters pick and choose the orders that they can and wish to carry out. The customer can use any transporter they wish, as each are individually verified for trustworthiness, security, and quality.

Visibility, Tracking, and Record Keeping

Wahyd’s online system allows for all parties to view the order’s exact status and location at any time, in real-time. No one is ever left wondering how far along the order has come, and there are no hectic phone calls simply to find out what’s going on. Even verification signatures and photographs are stored digitally and can be pulled up and viewed at any time.

Even when the order is completed, the customer and transporter both can view a history of completed orders as they wish.

Fair Pricing

As mentioned earlier, it’s the customer who sets a base price around which they expect the final fare to be, and it’s also the customer who selects which bid to accept. Seeing as how all the transporters are dependable and professional, the final price is in the hands of the customer to choose as they see fit. Any other freight forwarding service would require juggling of quality, speed, and price; not so with Wahyd Logistics.

Paperless and Online System

Wahyd Logistics does not require a customer’s physical presence at any time, a first for a freight forwarding service in Lahore. The customer does not even need to place a single phone call; it is possible to conduct an entire order from their own living room! This is because the Wahyd Logistics’ ecosystem exists entirely in the digital space; anything and everything about an order can be conducted and viewed online.

Robust Transporter Network

Wahyd understands that there can be no freight forwarding service in Lahore without any transporters, and has not neglected this critical aspect of the system. The Wahyd Logistics transporter family is growing all the time, but not at the expense of quality; there is no compromise on standards, and each and every transporter is required to meet a certain level of quality before they are welcomed onto the system. A large and robust network also means that there are always transporters available to take on any order at any time; there are no waiting times or suspense to see if an order can be taken at all in Wahyd Logistics.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One would think such a system would contain a lot of complexity and nuances. This is quite far from the truth; in fact, whether transporter or customer, the entire system can be accessed and used in its entirety from a mobile app installed on a smartphone. Wahyd Logistics leverages this simple entry point to maximize convenience for the user, even adding in multiple payment options. It’s easy to see just how user-centric this freight forwarding service in Lahore is.

Wahyd Logistics is leading a digital revolution in the logistics industry. It does away with traditional manual book-keeping and notions that contacts and ‘friend-of-a-friend’ referrals are necessary. It sets a higher standard for a freight forwarding service in Lahore, and the competition will have to match it in order to keep up. You can see for yourself; download the Wahyd Logistics app now and watch the future of logistics unfold before you. Or click the button below to get a free quote.

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