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What Do We Offer?

Wahyd Logistics offers mobile application based solution to meet the real-world offline operational needs of tight deadlines, and compliance requirement to online for all your inbound, outbound and 3PL logistics.

Our online trucking infrastructure is intended to empower the shippers and transporters of all sizes to book a truck as per their requirement for the right price. On the other hand, we are also committed to make it convenient for the transporters to manage their fleet, book a load and move at capacity – all at a click of a button.

Our Products

Wahyd Logistics App for Shippers
Save your time on paperwork and manage all of your shipments conveniently through our online trucking platform for shippers. We use smart technology tactics to locate available trucks and connect you with the transporter at any given point of time depending on your source, destination, material to be shipped and other details.

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Wahyd Logistics App for Fleet Operators
We have digitalized the whole process using technology to make sure that fleet operators get guaranteed loads on preferred time and routes. When you attach your trucks with Wahyd’s online trucking system, you get access to broad range of shippers and can book daily loads for your fleet with ease, along with fair and transparent pricing.

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